That Toddlin' Town!


By Amy Freier, LCPC, CST

Esther Perel, one of our absolute favorite thought leaders in field of relational and sexual health, is a champion of relational intentionality. She purports that one of the most serious dangers to relationships is boredom, as it keeps us from seeing and experiencing our partners with fresh eyes. However, couples who regularly engage in novel activities together tend experience higher levels of intimacy and desire. Think about it: a ribeye steak paired with a juicy red wine is heavenly…but if you eat that every single day for a month, you’ll begin to find that gorgeous meal quite boring. The steak will start to taste bland, and that bottle of red will no longer excite you. Tragedy strikes, and we must overcome and persist!

If you’ve found yourself in a relational rut, fear not! It happens to be summer in Chicago—the real reason we all continue to live in this fickle city. There’s no shortage of new and exciting activities to enjoy, making it easy to keep that novel spark alive. We made it even easier for you with a list of our 10 favorite summer dates that are sure to Marie Kondo the crap out of your relationship!

  1. If you haven’t packed a picnic and watched movies in the park , have you ever even been to Chicago in the summer?

  2. Check out the best patios for outdoor dining and drinks, because it’s patio season!

  3. The Dock at Montrose Beach offers a full-service restaurant and live music every single night. Perfect date for a nice night out!

  4. The riverwalk was recently renovated, and it does not disappoint. Go for a jog, enjoy a cocktail, or grab some ice cream and people-watch!

  5. My absolute favorite “touristy” thing to do every summer is the architectural boat tour. Every time I do it, I fall in love with this city all over again.

  6. Did you know there are over 150 festivals in Chicago over the summer? You’re guaranteed to find one that tickles your fancy!

  7. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the magic and uniqueness of having a fantastic zoo, right in the heart of our city. Head to the Lincoln Park Zoo and get in touch with your wild side!

  8. Free outdoor concerts! Enough said.

  9. Don’t have a bike? No worries: Chicago boasts several options for getting around the city. We love using Divvy bikes, and the new e-scooters that just arrived. Don’t forget your helmets!

  10. If 2.7 miles of art installations, parks, trails, and fun stops along the way excite you…it should. Get yourself to The 606!

What other Chicago summer dates did we miss on our list? We want to hear from you!