Spark Chicago Therapy specializes in relationship and sex therapy. And since we offer comprehensive care, we’re also confident in treating anxiety, depression, grief, loss, life transitions, work stress, and life stress in general. We understand that every aspect of your life can deeply affect relationships and sex, so we are consistently tuned in to and curious about your life as a whole. Most issues can be addressed in either individual or couples therapy. Some common concerns we address:

Individual/General Issues

  • Life transitions and stress

  • Anxiety, depression and other mood disorders

  • Trauma

  • Body image

  • Confidence and self esteem in work, friendships, dating, relationships, etc.

  • Navigating online dating

Sexuality/Sexual Functioning Issues

  • Desire Concerns: Disinterest in sex | Low desire for sex

  • Arousal Concerns: Difficulty getting/maintaining an erection | Difficulty staying “present”

  • Orgasm Concerns: Difficulty reaching orgasm | Delayed ejaculation | Premature ejaculation

  • Painful intercourse and other chronic pain

  • Shame around sex, sexuality, masturbation, etc.

  • Navigating the affects of aging on your sexual experience

  • Reintegrating sex after kids

  • Sexuality and religion

  • Sex after trauma

  • Exploring kink

Relationship Issues

  • Communication issues | Difficulty resolving conflicts

  • Coping with infertility

  • “Sexless” relationships, or relationships that feel more like roommates than romantic partners

  • Desire discrepancy (one partner desires sex more than the other)

  • Recovering from infidelity

  • Exploring non-monogamy

  • Interfaith marriages

  • Feeling ambivalent about your relationship or marriage

  • Navigating personality differences, such as parenting styles, finances, family/social obligations

  • Preparing for marriage

*This is neither a full nor comprehensive list of issues we treat. If you don’t see your specific concern, reach out to us to see if we’d be a good fit for you!