What exactly is sex therapy?

We’re glad you asked! There are plenty of misconceptions about sex therapy (check out our blog on this very topic here!), so let’s talk about what it actually is. Sex therapy is just like any other form of therapy, but with a specific focus on sexuality, sexual functioning, and sexual health. In addition to our general therapy training, sex therapists have special training in working through sexual concerns—whether it’s coping with sexual dysfunction or pain, addressing sexual differences between you and your partner, or enhancing your understanding of your sexual self. We can offer sex education, help you understand your unique body and mind, and talk through your sexual history, current worries or shame, or desires for the future.

It’s completely normal for clients to feel anxious when seeing a sex therapist, especially for the first time. Many people have trouble talking about sex at all, so discussing it with a stranger may feel awkward. Sex therapists are highly aware of this dynamic, and work hard to create a safe space for clients to feel comfortable opening up about this incredibly personal and vulnerable topic.

How do you become a Certified Sex Therapist, and what is AASECT?

In order to practice as a Certified Sex Therapist (CST), we go through years of rigorous training, education, and supervision in the field of sexuality. Our governing body is called The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), which is a not-for-profit, interdisciplinary professional organization whose members share an interest in promoting understanding of human sexuality and healthy sexual behavior. They decide which clinicians are qualified to practice as a Certified Sex Therapist.

All of the clinicians here at Spark Chicago Therapy are either certified, or well on their way to becoming certified—a unique trait of our practice!

Do you have more questions about sex therapy or AASECT? Please contact us! We’re here to answer any questions you have.