Wedding Season Hack: Make Others’ ‘I Dos’ a Date Night for You

By Rachel Zar, LMFT


It’s wedding season! For busy couples who struggle to make space for romance, attending someone else’s nuptials can be the perfect chance to have the date night you’ve been craving. But when we get wrapped up in the celebration, it’s all too easy to focus more on the cake than on your significant other. Whether you’ve been with your plus one or a few months or twenty years, it’s worth taking advantage of someone else’s love to add an extra spark to yours. Here are five tips to get you started:

1. Have your own “first look.”

How often do you get to see your partner all dressed up? Make sure to take a minute to soak each other in before heading out. Try getting ready in separate rooms and having a grand reveal a la “She’s All That.” Bonus points for asking the babysitter to take a few prom-style photos.

2. Give those vows some thought.

You’ve heard “to have and to hold” and “til death do us part” so many times that you’ve started to tune the ceremony out altogether. Instead, as you’re witnessing the happy couple make promises to each other, really listen. Is there anything they’re saying that you’d like to apply to your own relationship? You don’t have to be getting married to vow to improve your partnership or to recommit yourself to promises made long ago.

3. Just dance.

Whether it’s a slow, romantic song that allows you to press up against each other or a classic sing-along that reminds you how much fun you can have together, it’s always worth it to spend some time on the dance floor instead of lurking at your assigned table. Letting go and being playful with your partner will set you up for a connected evening.

4. Take a break, together.

Escape the madness of the festivities by taking a romantic walk outside or exploring the other rooms of the venue. Some just-the-two-of-you time will remind you that this is, after all, a date night.

5. Don’t pass out… yet.

There’s nothing like the high you get from a beautiful celebration. Head home or back to your hotel room before you’re absolutely can’t-hold-your-head-up exhausted. Leave time to reflect on the highlights of the night—and maybe even have a post-wedding party all your own. ;)