Oh, Oh, It’s Magic: A Product That May Revolutionize Your Sex Life

By Rachel Zar, LMFT

Every so often, a product comes on the market that feels like a game changer. The kind of product that makes you think: Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner!? Innovation in the world of sex is something that we sex therapists are always trying to stay on top of, and there’s one recent product that I’ve been especially excited to share with many of my clients. Since you’re not likely to see this one on “Shark Tank,” I’ll give you the inside scoop here on…drumroll please…the Ohnut.


Simply put, the Ohnut acts as a bumper. One or more stackable silicone rings are placed around the base of the penis to create, essentially, a shorter penis. For a penis-having partner, the sensation is similar to being completely inside of a partner. And for a vagina-having partner, the silicone barrier can prevent discomfort that comes from deeper penetration—whether it’s in certain positions or all the time. For women with endometriosis, who are post-partum, or who experience chronic pain, this buffer may make a world of difference. It can also be a great aid for anal sex.

So simple, right?

Of course, the Oh Nut shouldn’t be a replacement for seeking medical treatment for sexual pain. (Sex should ultimately not be painful, and a gynecologist with experience in sexual medicine or a sex therapist can help.) But it is a handy little tool for your sexual toolbox.